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 Naughty Noobs on Sky forums

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PostSubject: Naughty Noobs on Sky forums   Naughty Noobs on Sky forums Icon_minitimeThu Nov 29, 2007 10:09 am

Okay, so many of you are well established to who 'Team_Zock' is on the sky forums, and what he has been upto. Now knowing that if I posted a copy of the report I sent to sky admin and mods, it would be delted, whereas it won't be here. So here is what I wrote to them:

Admins and Mod,
Please please take action to Team Zock's latest post. He has shown complete disrepect towards other users on this forums, including you moderators as well, which, quite frankly, is not acceptable, and I think a more serious action then just warnings is needed now.
The reasons why he got told off was explained both polietly and reasonably. I also want to report Team Zock for his insults in the Daniel Dae Kim thread about his 'DUI', calling me and others 'a bad person', that is out of order, he does not know me at all, and has no right to disrepect my views that I put forward which I am perfectly entitled to do.
It is clear that Team Zock only comes on this forums to provoke people into fierce arguing, which is unfair, as he is obviously trying to get us into trouble just because he got a warning.
His clear disrepect toy waterfalls is dispicible too, calling her a biased moderator and accusing her of attacking him, when she clearly has not been. It must be insulting to her, but it is also quite insulting to me. I know you are all very fair in your jusdgements on here, and wish to express my views on this, but obviously not on the forum itself, as I don't want to be accused as 'buttering' mods up, because that is not what I am doing. It did anger me beyond belief when he said that too.
It is unfair that Team Zock is is stating untrue statements such as
"I'm sure you have good intentions, but they are clearly aligned to the more established members who go around belittling peoples contributions, yet have nothing credible to offer themselves."
"I'm sure you have good intentions, but they are clearly aligned to the more established members who go around belittling peoples contributions, yet have nothing credible to offer themselves. "
When clearly, the well established members are just following the rules and no when not to cross the line, unlike Team Zock. He is being unreasonable and pedantic, and it just is not acceptable.
(I am trying to write this the best and formal way possible, but aplogies, this has angered me so much, my mind isn't clear enough to get across whar I really want to say in the polietest way).
He accuses me and other members of treating the forum like a playground, when clearly it his him acting the child. He even brought the whole argument again after explicity being not to, clearly just to provoke more reactions. Again, another example of his unacceptable behaviour.
And can I just ask - is it just me, or is he slyly suggesting that my debate on the 'signal jamming' thread is not a debate/discussion with the inverted commas he used on the word discussion?
Anyway, to sum up, please please take serious reaction on Team Zock. His attitude and tone of his posts are disrespectful, unreasonable and unacceptable, and it isn't just me who finds his actions acceptable either, it has been really hard to to post a reply to his latest ridiculous posts.
I would be most greatful to have a reply to know what is happening in relation to this.
Thank you in advanced.

Fearandloathin (Zoe)

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Naughty Noobs on Sky forums
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