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 Real Life Lost Experiences

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PostSubject: Real Life Lost Experiences   Real Life Lost Experiences Icon_minitimeTue Nov 27, 2007 8:13 pm

Okay, so this happened a fair while ago - on the 7th of August, but thought I'd post it anyway, haha.(From my blog on myspace)

My neighbours are currently renervating their house, and upon working on it, at the weekend, they discovered for the first time they have a cellar! That had no idea that it was there, and no-one had told them that there used to be one there, or anything at all like that, so as you can imagine, they found it pretty exciting.

They discovered the hole when making a hole outside their house, the hole broke through the side and ceiling of the cellar, making a small slope then a drop into the cellar.

When one of them got down into the cellar, they found the original steps that have been blocked off. They worked out where the enterance is inside the house, which is blocked off by thick concrete, so it will take some time to re-open the original enterance.

They also found a window that is on the wall between our house and theirs. This suggests that we too may have a cellar under our house that has also been blocked off.

I didn't find out about the discovery until I came home on Monday after being at my dads for the weekend, but was totally siked when I did. I had a look down there today - after some persuasion. I too was very excited, but very wary. I half expected to get locked down there! (Only kidding, my neighbours wouldn't really do that) But I was afraid at the possibility of huge scary spiders being down there.

As I lowered myself down, I freaked out because I couldn't feel the floor of the cellar, and I don't like dropping down into things when I can't touch the floor, or swimming out into the ocean without my feet touching the bottom. It was faily awkward going down the enterance of the cellar, as you had to be on your stomache, facing upwards towards the surface rather then sit and slide down. You go down a muddy slope and then there is a little drop.

I panicked a little when I couldn't feel the floor. My neighbour insisted it was safe and wouldn't let me come back up until I had been in there properly, lol, but he was kind enough to fetch a bright torch so I could semi-see what I was doing.

I eventually bit the bullet and let mysel drop, cursing in my head when there was hardly any distance in it, and at making a fool of myself - again. HA HA.

Once the cellar was lit up, I was in awe. The cellar wasn't particuarly big, but it was still breathe taking. My hear skipped a beat and almost jumped up my throat. I was so excited. I could see where the original stairs were and the window that leads to the possible cellar under my house. There was a lot of straw, ashes, broken china and an old paint tin down there. The cellar looked in pretty good condition - and best of all - no spiders! (A fair few bugs, but they didn't bother me).

Going down into the cellar reminded me very much of Locke and Boone discovering the hatch. I am as desperate as Locke was to get into the hatch as I am to get into our cellar. I can't wait. Everyone keeps teasing me that they reckon there are dead bodies down there. As if! LOL, but maybe there's a guy in there pushing a button, saving the world? HA HA, I can't WAIT to find out!

I'm coming back to this blog later to add pictures of the cellar and everything, but for now, you'll just have to put up with the pics of me and the aftermath of me climbing down into the cellar, and coming back rather filthy lol, just cuz I was suprised as how mudddy it was climbing down the tunnel. I was wearing my best jeans as well - I hope they're not ruined!

So any LOST type tales to tell?

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Real Life Lost Experiences
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